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Business Plan Writing

Every great business idea requires a strategic business plan to take the entrepreneur’s product or service from their mind into the real world.

The business plan acts as a roadmap for the business owner and team members to follow. It explains the vision for the business along with management biographies, and it presents the steps on how the business will succeed. It highlights the market opportunity and shows how the product or service adds value to the target customer’s life.


The business plan states how the company’s product or service will be distributed and sold, what makes the business unique from its competitors, how it will be effectively managed and operated. If there is a financial ask, the plan states how much money the company needs to launch the business.

Business plans are almost always required to raise money as financiers such as banks, angel investors and grant funders want to be sure that their risk of assigning funds to a new business will be relatively low, and that they are making a good decision based on a strong business case, market opportunity and experience of the team involved.  The business plan is a powerful document that answers all the questions a potential funder may have before they even have to ask.


In this workshop, participants will learn about each section of the business plan, what information is required, how to conduct necessary research and how to write in a way that presents the company as having a healthy and sustainable future.

Modules include:


  • Executive summary – provides a snapshot of your business in 1-2 pages

  • Company description – describes the business purpose

  • Market analysis – presents industry, market and competitor research

  • Service or product – clarifies the features and benefits being offered

  • Marketing and sales – describes how the product will be distributed and sold

  • Organization management – shows how the business will operate and who’s responsible

  • Financial projections – forecasts revenue and expenses through a simple balance sheet 

  • Funding request – clarifies the funds required to launch the business

  • Appendix – provides optional information such as resumes and permits

The workshop will be a hands-on session so be prepared to share your thoughts and experiences, participate in individual and group exercises, learn how to develop your business to achieve your goals and have a fun-filled experience with valuable takeaways in the process.

Each participant will leave the workshop with knowledge of what content goes into a business plan and how to fill out the template that will be used in the course.  Additional writing outside of class may be required by the participant depending on their business requirements. 

Investment: $3,200 per nation which includes 8-9 hours of class time over 1 or 2 days, coaching, prep and post-work. 


Workshop timelines are customized to what will work best for your nation. Materials, prizes and travel billed separately.  Ongoing coaching can also be added for people who can benefit from hands-on assistance and guidance after the course.


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