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Proposal and Grant Writing 

Are you an Indigenous Entrepreneur or Professional who can benefit from learning what goes into a winning proposal or grant application? This proposal and grant writing course will show you how to develop a system and templates that help you to win at the bidding and grant writing process.

In today's competitive business landscape, proposal and grant writing skills have become essential tools for entrepreneurs and organizations to secure new business accounts and gain financial support. 

Crafting compelling proposals allows businesses to attract clients and partners by showcasing their unique solutions to today's challenges. Acquiring grant money enables start-ups and small businesses to realize their visions and expand their operations without taking on substantial debt. 

Beyond financial gains, these skills foster creativity, strategic thinking, and the art of storytelling, empowering entrepreneurs and professionals to communicate with conviction and build enduring partnerships. 


By empowering Indigenous entrepreneurs and professionals through this knowledge-building workshop, we aim to create a more prosperous future where diverse voices shape the business landscape and uplift communities in their journey toward success.



I. Introduction


  • Welcome and Introduction to Activ8 Training

  • Overview of the Workshop Objectives

  • Importance of Proposal and Grant Writing for Indigenous Businesses

  • Setting the Tone: Creating a Supportive and Collaborative Learning Environment


II. Understanding the Basics of Proposal Writing

  • Defining the Purpose and Goals of a Proposal

  • Identifying the Target Audience and Tailoring Your Approach

  • Components of a Winning Proposal: Executive Summary, Problem Statement, Solutions, and more

  • Hands-on Activity: Crafting a Compelling Problem/Solution Statement

III. Building Grant Writing Competencies


  • Navigating the Grant Landscape for Indigenous Businesses

  • Researching and Identifying Suitable Grant Opportunities

  • Key Elements of a Successful Grant Proposal: Budget, Impact Assessment, and Evaluation

  • Hands-on Activity: Developing a Budget for a Hypothetical Business Project

IV. Writing Techniques for Persuasive Proposals and Grants


  • Communicating with Clarity and Conviction

  • Incorporating Storytelling to Make Your Proposal Stand Out

  • Leveraging Data and Statistics to Strengthen Your Argument

  • Hands-on Activity: Drafting a Compelling Proposal Introduction


V. Tailoring Your Proposal to Different Funding Sources

  • Understanding the Diverse Requirements of Different Grant Providers

  • Adapting Your Proposal to Address Specific Criteria and Goals

  • Maintaining Authenticity while Tailoring Your Message

  • Hands-on Activity: Customizing a Proposal for a Specific Grant


VI. Reviewing and Editing Your Proposal/Grant Application


  • Importance of Thorough Proofreading and Editing

  • Seeking Feedback and Constructive Criticism

  • Best Practices for Polishing Your Proposal

  • Hands-on Activity: Peer Review and Feedback Session


VII. Case Studies: Successful Indigenous Business Grant Recipients

  • Inspirational Stories of Indigenous Entrepreneurs Who Secured Grants

  • Learning from Their Strategies and Mistakes

  • Online Live Guest Speakers (If available, otherwise video examples)

VIII. Navigating the Submission Process

  • Preparing Your Proposal for Submission

  • Submission Dos and Don'ts

  • Tracking Your Proposal's Progress

  • Hands-on Activity: Mock Proposal Submission

IX. Wrap-up and Action Plan

  • Recap of Key Takeaways from the Workshop

  • Developing an Individualized Action Plan for Each Participant

  • Resources and Continued Support from Activ8 Training

  • Closing Remarks and Appreciation


$3,200 per workshop for a community/organization which includes 8-9 hours of class time, prep and post-work and handouts. Materials, prizes and any travel are billed separately.  All workshops times are customizable for your organization.


Individual entrepreneurs interested in one-to-one training, please email with details on your business.

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