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Indigenous Entrepreneur Workshop

Do you want to start and run your own Indigenous business and learn the resources that are available to help you accomplish this goal?

This workshop is designed for Indigenous people with experience in a specific area, possessing skills, talent, and desire who are contemplating self-employment to chart their own path as Indigenous business owners. 


The hands-on, interactive Indigenous entrepreneur session provides participants with an introductory look into the world of starting and operating a business. 


Whether you want to consult, run a small business or grow to become a major brand, the first step is having a dream and learning how to turn it into a true business opportunity.


Knowing what you want and where your passions lay is the first step on your entrepreneurial path.

The workshop focuses on what being an entrepreneur means, the characteristics of successful innovators, how to develop your ideas into commercial products and services, what daily operations look like and how to gain the resources you’ll need to sustain your business venture.



  • Indigenous self-employment environment in Canada 

  • Case studies of successful Indigenous businesses

  • Investigating if an idea is it a viable business opportunity

  • Self-employment and what to expect

  • Resources and how to find the support to grow

  • Operational / Management / Marketing / Sales / Finance / HR

  • Lessons and experiences of Indigenous entrepreneurs

  • Indigenous business as a competitive advantage 


The workshop will be a hands-on session so be prepared to share your thoughts and experiences, participate in individual and group exercises, learn how to develop your business to achieve your goals and have a fun-filled experience with valuable takeaways in the process!


Investment: $3,200 per nation which includes 9 hours in-class, prep and post-work.  Workshop timelines are customized to what will work best for your nation.

Materials, prizes and travel billed separately. 

Individuals interested in one-to-one training, please let us know.


Contact us at edu@activ8inc.com or 604-687-2004