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Community Manager Marketing

Want to increase member enrollment in your membership education programs? We created a learning experience just for you with a system that gets results. 

There is a lot of competition today for members' attention; from day jobs and hobbies to friends and family events and even the status quo, where many nation managers find it difficult to attract a larger number of people to their community-sponsored, education programs.


For this reason, we train Indigenous program managers and education administrators to brand and market their departments and courses in a way that helps attract more members to participate in higher learning and economic development opportunities.

Modules include:

  • Creating a brand for your department with messaging that makes you stand out in members minds'.

  • Learning to communicate the benefits members receive by developing business and career skills.

  • Learning important coaching skills that help to motivate and inspire members.

  • Gaining knowledge in reaching out through multiple communications channels with enticing, shareable content and;

  • Understanding human motivation in order to inspire people to act and become a community cheerleader.

  • Increasing the public reputation of your nation through effectively marketing the nation's brand online with success stories, inspirational recognition of members and procurement partner achievements.


This course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to make the job of attracting more people to your programs that much easier. 


Program managers and education facilitators will gain the skills and tools needed to communicate to membership and raise the profile of their department in an engaging way.


Alena McInroy

Executive Director

Sto:lo Business Association


"Loa taught the Stó:lō Business Association Indigenous entrepreneurs two programs this year, Business Confidence and Train the Trainer.

Members left feeling like they benefited from these programs and are looking forward to applying these skills within their daily business routines!"


Investment: $3,200 per nation which includes 8-9 hours class time, coaching, prep and post-work.  Workshop timelines are customized to what will work best for your nation.  Materials, prizes and travel billed separately. 

Individuals interested in attending this course, please email

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