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So you'd like to start and run your own Indigenous business?  You've come to the right place!

We designed our learning agency to empower Indigenous entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills and confidence to start and operate companies that they are are excited about.  From the idea generation stage and validating your business idea to engaging with your customers, every step has its own process that you will learn through each course in the business program.

Gain Business Knowledge

Having a business idea is great but executing on it is even better! Learn a step by step approach, along side your peers to what business ownership is all about and how to do it correctly right out of the gate.

Learn From Anywhere

As long as you have a smartphone, you can learn what it takes to start and operate your own business. All courses are available online with live instructors to walk you through the learning process.

Culturally Relevant Stories 

Each course has case studies of Indigenous entrepreneurs who have been where you are and are now operating thriving companies they are passionate about. Learn from their stories.

Get Inspired

Every course we teach is interactive with hands-on real world case studies that you will do on your own for your business and in partners and groups to capture the power of multiple creative minds.

Join A Community

Your class members are on the same business journey you are.  The online community of peers offers additional support and collaboration as you build your business.

Learn With A Live Instructor

Our courses offer live instruction as if you were sitting in an onsite classroom where you can engage with the instructor and your classmates. Live instruction offers real-time Q&A when you need it most.

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