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Sales 101 

Indigenous entrepreneurs with strong sales skills will grow faster by understanding how to persuade customers to buy their products and services. 

Marketing is a key component to getting in front of many target buyers at once with an established message that creates awareness for a company’s products and services and trust in the marketplace.  


However, once prospects have knowledge of the business, it takes the next step to drive that ball into the net…and close a sale.  This is where sales and business development skills are critical to every entrepreneur and business that wants to generate revenue and turn a profit. 


In this course, students will learn what drives business growth, how to seek out prospective customers who are ready to buy and what the difference is between a cold, warm and hot lead.

Sales Education For Indigenous Businesses

They will also understand how to identify buying triggers and the various types of prospects.  In addition, students will learn how to use a competitive advantage, story telling, case studies and a sense of urgency to capture attention and close the sale.



  • How sales differ from marketing

  • Characteristics of great consultative salespeople

  • Targeting the right buyer

  • Lead generation to build a funnel of potential customers

  • Customer Relationship Management tools and processes

  • Presenting a valuable offer to a prospective customer

  • Knowing buying triggers and signals

  • Follow up on opportunities

  • Closing the sale

  • Generating repeat business

  • Asking for referrals

Investment: $3,200 per nation which includes 8-9 hours class time, coaching, prep and post-work.  Workshop timelines are customized to what will work best for your nation. Materials, prizes and travel billed separately. 

Individuals interested in one-to-one training, please email



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