Marketing Level I For Indigenous Businesses

Are you an Indigenous Entrepreneur wanting to learn about marketing to increase your business?

This course is an excellent launching pad for Indigenous people who are thinking of starting their own business, or for Indigenous business owners who are already operating a small business to learn how to best reach target buyers on and offline. 

Many small business owners are perplexed by what marketing actually is and how to do it in an affordable manner instead of throwing money at advertising campaigns that don't work. These days with people gathering in online networks and free technology tools that exist, it's easier and more economical than ever to build a following and create awareness for a brand.

Level I Marketing will teach Indigenous business owners what marketing is and how it differs from sales in order to effectively reach out to the best prospective customers to grow a business.

Participants will learn what branding is and how it goes well beyond the logo, how to identify the people most likely to buy their products and services through various research methods, and the many communications channels available today to attract a target audience.


Indigenous entrepreneurs will gain a thorough understanding of why marketing is critical to their business and how to be effective at it.



  • Marketing and its impact on building a business

  • Branding vs. Marketing and how they are used together to form a strong brand

  • Market Research is key to target your ideal customer

  • Creating a Marketing Plan that is the roadmap to your success

  • Learning to follow a yearly and monthly Budget to maximize resources

  • Communication Channels and how they integrate to get your message out

  • Technology and how you can utilize free or near-free tools to market and automate marketing systems

  • Measurement to learn what works and what doesn't to fine-tune efforts and get the best results



Paul Natrall

Mr. Bannock

Squamish Nation 

"I wanted to say thank you to Activ8 and Loa for helping me to learn the tools to build my company. I took the business program in Squamish Nation territory. It was fun and very efficient.

Loa took the time to make sure we got what we needed to learn about marketing and sales. One of the best teachers and programs out there. Thank you!"

BC Indigenous Business Young Entrepreneur of the Year Winner in 2019.


Online Investment: $2,000 per nation which includes 4-6 hours of live and video-on-demand lessons, prep/post work, 3 hours of live Q&A, group and individual exercises and discussion.  

Ongoing coaching can also be added for people who can benefit from hands-on assistance and guidance after the course.

On-site Investment: $3,200 per nation which includes 9 hours in-class, prep and post-work.  Workshop timelines are customized to what will work best for your nation.  Materials, prizes and travel billed separately. 

Individuals interested in one-to-one training, please let us know.

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