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Become A Skilled Negotiator

When and how you should negotiate? How to get a yes when it is critical?

You may not realize it but you are negotiating many times a day, whether it's to form a new partnership, hire a vendor, enlist the help of colleagues at the office or convincing your child to clean up their messy bedroom.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, opportunities arise, business decisions are made quickly, and negotiations can result in a favourable or unfavourable outcome for an organization depending on the negotiation skills of the people involved.  

When you are comfortable evaluating new business prospects and communicating to create a win-win for both sides, it becomes easier to maximize value for everyone involved. 



Additionally, while we often think of utilizing negotiation skills in a high-stakes business environment, we may not realize there are daily occurrences that arise, even the most mundane, where we can benefit from having stronger negotiation skills.  




  • What is negotiation? Understand the negotiation process

  • Unleash your inner power: Assess your “people skills” and negotiation style

  • Ready, Set, Succeed: Be adequately prepared with options

  • Precision in Dialogue: Communicate more effectively

  • Position of power: Learn to negotiate with influence

  • Achieve Victory Together: Get to a win-win outcome


"In Business As in Life, You Don't Get What you Deserve. You Get What You Negotiate"

Chester L. Karrass

Investment: $3,200 per organization which includes 9 hours of class time, prep and post-work. Workshop timelines are customized to what will work best for your nation.  Materials, prizes and travel are billed separately. 

Individual entrepreneurs interested in one-to-one training, please email us at with details on what you would like to learn.

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