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Marketing Level II 

Indigenous Entrepreneurs that know the fundamentals of marketing can dive deeper into specific marketing strategies that drive growth through the Marketing Level II course.

Most businesses large and small typically recognize how important it is to communicate their unique value proposition to the market in order to generate demand for their products and services.  

Indigenous business owners who have completed our Marketing Level I class will have knowledge of the fundamentals of developing a marketing plan and budget that paves the way to building their company's brand. 


They will have an understanding of identifying the benefits of their products and services, profiling their ideal customer persona, SWOT analysis, research for positioning purposes, writing core messaging and defining strategies and tactics that will most effectively reach their target audience.


Once the initial marketing platform has been created, the Marketing Level II class helps the Indigenous entrepreneur learn to communicate externally to increase the company's visibility and build relationships that turn into sales.


Reaching out through a multi-channel approach is the most efficient way for an Indigenous business to grow as potential customers are learning about products and services through online and offline channels. A business has to be in every location where its customers and prospects are searching, sharing and purchasing products and services that they want or need.


Using an integrated approach where the Indigenous business' messaging (written and visual) is consistent across every channel to reach their ideal customer where they live, work and play are the most effective ways to grow a brand.

The Marketing Level II course dives deeper into the various communication types such as using direct mail, email marketing, advertising, public relations, digital media, search engine marketing, and more.



  • Digital Media 

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Advertising

  • Social Media

  • Direct Sales

  • Direct Mail

  • Content Marketing

  • Public Relations

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Systems Automation

  • Technology Tools

Investment$3,200 per nation which includes 8 hours of class time over 1 to 2 days, coaching, prep and post-work.  Workshop timelines are customized to what will work best for your nation.


Materials, prizes and travel billed separately.   

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