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Cafe Owners
Entrepreneur How-To 
Interested in learning what it takes to start and run a business?  This workshop will explain what a day in the life of an Indigenous business owner looks like and the skills and steps required to launch and grow a business.
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 Marketing Know-How 
If you have a product or service a target customer will love -  fantastic!  How will they find out about you?  Marketing I & II will teach you how to locate where your customers are, and communicate with them effectively.
Marketing is critical to success.

 Business Confidence
Running a business calls for inner strength and perseverance to navigate the ups and downs of being an Indigenous entrepreneur. This course gives you the tools to make your journey that much easier and more enjoyable.
 Social Media Savvy
90% of Canadians are online searching and sharing information.  It's critical your business is capturing their attention. Knowing how to reach out will help attract them to you!
 Sales Superstar
Once you have an active market presence on and offline, how do you get people to take that next step and buy? This course will show you how to trigger buying signals in customers.
Website Development

 Template Websites  Your website is the most important way for people to find out about your business online, 24/7.  Learn how to use HTML templates to build your own stunning website.

 Youth Career  Development

Indigenous youth learn about career, confidence and business skills in a culturally rich and supportive environment that paves the road for their success, whether it is working within an organization that excites them, or as an entrepreneur.

Program Manager


Program and education managers will learn what motivates people to act and how to more effectively reach out to members using modern marketing and sales techniques that encourage greater interest in learning and advancing economic development.

 Proposal Writing


This workshop will provide the knowledge related to a proposal’s purpose, core structure and format created to make a positive impact and win new business.  Through a strong proposal, a business owner can deliver solutions that meet the buying requirements of potential clients and gain a competitive edge in the process.  

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