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Activ8 Education & Training

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Education and knowledge building related to business planning, marketing, sales and digital media courses specifically designed for Indigenous entrepreneurs and communities.


Indigenous Business and Entrepreneurship Training

Working with more than 650 Indigenous businesses in multiple communities in Canada and in the United States, our business training programs are always fun, interactive, empowering and most of all, effective. We've had a high success rate of people starting and maintaining their own companies years after taking our workshops.


Whether you are an Indigenous entrepreneur looking to grow your business or a community manager seeking skill development and greater prosperity for your members, we are ready to help increase the number of small businesses in your community!

Also, be sure to check out our new Youth Confidence, Money Management and Career Development workshop that is giving Indigenous youth the direction and support they need to go after their career goals.


Whether you have an idea for an Indigenous business or you have an existing company and would like to see it grow by finding more customers, the business planning, marketing, digital media and sales courses we offer will make it easier for you generate higher sales and create long-term customer loyalty.

Knowing the logical steps to establish a brand (recognizable name) for your business, identify your best customer and learn the communication channels and best practices to reach out to your target audience will give you the confidence you need to succeed.


It takes a willingness and action to make your dream a reality.  There are many resources along the entrepreneurial journey that can help you achieve your goals, and we are your launching pad!


Indigenous business owners will also find that there are many business grants available in Canada through the government and private funding institutions. 


Depending on where you are at on your entrepreneurial journey, check out our courses that will take you to the next stage of your growth.


You are an Indigenous community manager or administrator of programs for your membership and have a lot on your plate. We get it. You know that providing education and training is key to developing your community's health, vitality, and prosperity.  It's not easy to compete for peoples' time and attention in today's complex world which is why learning about human motivation, marketing and sales is critical in attracting members of all ages to your programs.


In addition to training Indigenous entrepreneurs to start and run businesses they love, we also give nation managers additional tools in marketing and coaching so that they can make their programs more engaging and successful.


Click here to see how you can be a part of a leadership team that empowers your membership with the tools they need to live their most fulfilled life!


Choose from a number of courses that will teach your community how to start and operate a small business using their existing talents and skills!



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The understanding of digital media is helping me explore other venues to gain more exposure for my business.

I recommend these courses for anyone who wants to reach out online and use their time effectively."

Xwalacktun (Rick) Harry
Creative Journey Studio

"I found Activ8's career confidence course fulfilling and enlightening.


I'd never taken an interest in business until I took this course, Loa created a welcoming and dynamic environment to generate creative ideas for a business."

Reeva Billy

3rd Year UBC Student

Squamish Nation Member


Loa of Activ8 did a fantastic job providing fun, interactive learning sessions that helped our artists gain practical skills in marketing and sales to advance their businesses. We look forward to working together again!"

Patuk Glenn, Economic Dev Officer

Arctic Slope Regional Corp., Alaska

 Who are  we?

We are passionate about empowering Indigenous entrepreneurs to live their dreams through starting and operating a business that they are excited about!