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Aboriginal Business Success Stories - Infographic

Another year of teaching business education in marketing, media and sales to talented aboriginal entrepreneurs in British Columbia has begun! We are excited to share a number success stories below so that you can get inspired and perhaps start a business of your own!

All it takes is a solid idea, skills and experience, a target market and loads of determination. And, training to fast track your efforts, of course!

Aboriginal Business Success Stories - Infographic

There are currently 47,000 aboriginal business owners in Canada who are creating employment and contributing to the economic health and vitality of their communities.

Geena Jackson, Small Business Officer and Trust Administrator at the Squamish Nation has been running business education like Activ8's Marketing and Digital Media Training and the Aboriginal Entrepreneurial and Business Skills Training (BEST) to give membership the tools they need to succeed.

Please share the infographic below with your online networks so that we can empower more aboriginal people to commercialize their talents for the world to enjoy!

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