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Activ8 Presents Career and Personal Growth Skills At CANDO Youth Summit

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to join the online 5-day CANDO Youth Summit as a presenter sharing knowledge on confidence development, goal setting and sales skills with Indigenous Youth from across Canada.

There was an excellent turnout for the session, which says to me that the Youth are motivated and determined to acquire knowledge and gain insights that can help them progress in their careers and in life.

The participants were engaged in the learning process; asking questions, taking notes, using the polls and talking about their own experiences related to the topics we were covering. I was also impressed by how many of them were enrolled in university, pursuing careers that they are excited about.

I've attached a picture below (blurred for identity reasons) to provide a flavour of the session and a big THANK YOU to the team at CANDO for inviting me to be a part of the Youth Summit. It's never been more important to give the next generation of our country's leaders the emotional intelligence, sustainable business knowledge and marketing and sales know-how to help make their journey that much easier, more enjoyable and purpose driven.


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