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First Nations Entrepreneurs Going For It!

It all began with Geena Jackson, Economic Development Officer for the Squamish Nation asking me to teach a marketing class after attending a brand workshop I did for her brother's art business in 2012.

Since that time, many first nations entrepreneurs have taken our marketing and media courses which include topics on marketing, social media, web development, entrepreneurship and business development that are paving the way for success.

The class participants are wonderful, motivated people who are either already operating business and want to learn marketing to grow them further, or have thought long and hard about a good idea where they are now taking the steps to turn into a reality.

Businesses such as clothing apparel, spa and massage, florist, DJ and technology services, yoga, industrial cleaning, artists, outdoor adventures and many other facinating companies are flourishing by marketing and selling their products and services to those most interested in what they are doing. Marketing is about teaching them how to identify and attract target customers and I'm happy to be a part of this journey in helping first nations entrepreneurs make their dreams come true while being of service in thier chosen field.

Class of 2014

Many thanks to my friend, and partner Geena for asking me to participate in helping people to enhance their lives through becoming business owners.

Self employment is not for the faint of heart however with the right mix of talent, perseverence, education and skill, first nations people are creating a name for themselves in business, building brands that matter and enhancing customers' lives.

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