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First Nations Social Media Workshop

First Nations Social Media Workshop at the Squamish Nation

Small business owners and managers from the Squamish Nation participated in our First Nations Social Media Workshop in December to learn about the many ways that they can connect with their target audience online to form community around their brands and attract new business.

Participants were eager to gather new tools in online communication such as how to use as a social media dashboard, what type of content gets the most attention, which social websites are the best to use for the demographic of the target customer and how to gauge the results over time through analytics.

Businesses such as native themed apparel, jewellery, health, education and government services were the topics of conversation with case studies of successful online marketers within the Indigenous community highlighted.

It was a lively and energetic class with loads of great ideas shared, cross business pollination ( even made some sales!) and always laughter with good natured, talented people in the room!

Barry of Rez Sportwear, Peter Baker of the Squamish Nation Trades Center and Pam Baker of Copperknot Jewellery

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