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Corporate Canada: Make Your Business A Champion Of Indigenous Procurement

Is your company accessing Indigenous companies as partners and/or suppliers? There are over 50,000 Indigenous businesses in Canada and growing. It's never been a better time to increase your company's diversity by hiring talented Indigenous people operating companies across Turtle Island (North America). There are a number of important reasons to procure Indigenous goods and services:

  1. It is an effective way to support the development of Indigenous businesses, which can create jobs, stimulate the economy, and contribute to the social and cultural vitality of indigenous communities.

  2. Indigenous procurement can help businesses to meet their diversity and inclusion goals.

  3. Indigenous procurement can provide opportunities to access unique products and services that may not be available from other sources.

One approach to support Indigenous business growth is to access Indigenous-owned and operated business directories, such as the Federal Government's Indigenous Business Director or the Canadian Council Of Aboriginal Businesses Alternatively, Canadian businesses looking to work with Indigenous-owned and operated companies can contact their local Indigenous communities and economic development corporations to identify Indigenous-owned businesses that may be of interest. Ask for the Procurement Officer at the Nation to see how they can match you with a possible Indigenous supplier and/or partner.

As champions ourselves working alongside Indigenous companies, training entrepreneurial participants, hiring Indigenous suppliers and collaborating with progressive Indigenous communities, we enjoy supporting and promoting fantastic Indigenous talent and are happy to point you to resources that will assist you with your Indigenous procurement and diversity goals.


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