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Are You Ready For #Indigenomics?

#Indigenomics is a social media hashtag, coined by Indigenous Institute founder Carol Anne Hilton, that brings people together online in discussion around the $32 billion Indigenous economy in Canada that is estimated to balloon to $100 billion by 2025.

Indigenous rights and title continue to rise as an important national issue attracting the attention of big business and encouraging a larger number of Indigenous people to take up entrepreneurship as a career choice. In fact, Indigenous people are starting and operating companies 9X faster than non-Indigenous people in Canada.

A few examples close to home in B.C. are the Squamish Nation's encouragement of its small businesses supporting entrepreneur award winners such as Paul Natral of Mr. Bannock, Orene Askew of DJ O'Show, Lisa Peterson of Peterson Stone and Santana Walker of T'Sala Salon.

As Indigenous communities continue to develop capacity and expand the business related education and training that is offered in their communities, self-employment will expand alongside large industrial and real estate projects as an attractive way to increase well-being, employment and prosperity in the region.

Instagram #Indigenomics Hashtag Examples

Instagram #Indigenomics Hashtag Example

Sample of an individual post and other related hashtags

Say Magazine in #Indigenomics Hashtag Results

By joining the conversation, you can have a voice in the "room", keeping your finger on the pulse of what is happening related to the Indigenous economy in Canada.

Use the hashtag #Indigenomics in all of your social media posts that relate to your Indigenous business venture or community's economic growth, and let others know about the great progress being made in this space.

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