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Interview With Orene Askew, DJ O Show On The Indigenous Entrepreneurs Network

Talking DJing, Indigenous entrepreneurship, politics and being two-spirited with DJ O Show's Orene Askew of the Squamish Nation.

Orene Askew Interview

I've known Orene for many years and she is always up to something exciting! This woman is a force of positivity and spreading joy around through her musical talent, encouraging change using her leadership skills and a passion for supporting others in pursuing their dreams.

Whether it is the events that she's DJing at, the youth conferences she publicly speaks for or the progress she's helping to make at the Squamish Nation, Orene is constantly striving to better herself, her community and the world around her.

When she first came into Activ8's workshop at the Squamish Nation 7 years ago, I knew she had it in her to pursue her dream of creating and running her own DJ business. She was dedicated and determined, and soaked up all the marketing and social media knowledge I had to share. Since then, she's become an expert at getting her message out to her intended audiences and is often covered by the news media. Not only has she succeeded in the DJ world entertaining thousands of people with her musical talent but she's also taken up politics as a councillor for her nation, and is a huge advocate of empowering others, especially the youth and her two spirited brothers and sisters.

Orene DJ's at high profile events such as the Bartenders Ball in Vegas, Pep Rallies at UBC and at many local events in the lower mainland of Vancouver, B.C.

She is also a constant learner, soaking up knowledge, learning new skills and using them to further her career and to help others with theirs. Orene is a great example of how learning and living one's passion through business can lead to incredible places.

Enjoy watching her tell her inspiring story as her energy is electric! You can reach out to Orene at and feel free to comment on this blog if you want to see more Indigenous business success stories like this one.

If you'd like to reach us and inquire on business training, please send an email to or call 604-687-2004.

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