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Canadian Aboriginal Entrepreneurs Innovating At Unprecedented Levels - Infographic

There's an exciting trend showing Canadian aboriginal entrepreneurs are innovating at unprecedented levels. There are over 37,000 aboriginal people starting and operating businesses in the country as of 2011, which is 5 times the rate of Canadian business owners overall.

As a training facility catering to the aboriginal business community, we are thrilled to see this tremendous growth as we have taught business, marketing and digital media know-how to many talented small business owners at The Squamish Nation and Tsawwassen First Nation and feel that this is just the start of a wonderful journey. We are in the midst of expanding the program across the country as there are aboriginal entrepreneurs launching businesses everyday and we want to be there to help them succeed. Enjoy the impressive numbers below and if you are an aboriginal entrepreneur, we'd love to hear your story!

Aboriginal Entrepreneurs In Canada Infographic


Feel free to share this infographic or download a printable PDF to use as you'd like! Please keep it in it's original form and do not edit the infographic in any way. We appreciate the respect of our brand and its representation.

Infographic in Words:

  • There are 37,000 Aboriginal Entrepreneurs in Canada

  • Since 1996, the rate of growth for aboriginal entrepreneurs is 5X that of self-employed Canadians.

  • In 2011, the TD Bank discovered that Canadian Aboriginals (largely the business community) were a net contributor of $11 Billion to the Canadian economy.

  • Self-employment among aboriginal men sits at 63% vs. 66% of self-employed male Canadians.

  • Self-employment among female entrepreneurs is at 37% vs. 34% of women in Canada.

  • Aboriginal business owners are slightly younger than Canadian entrepreneurs overall with 50% of Aboriginal Entrepreneurs between the ages of 15 to 44, compared to 42% of Self-employed Canadians.

  • In 2011, the majority of aboriginal business owners reported that they worked from home, or the home of their partner.

  • Incorporation is slightly more common among Canadian businesses in general than among Aboriginal businesses, but the two groups are equally as likely to employ paid staff.

  • 27% of Self-employed Aboriginal people have incorporated businesses compared to 35% of Self-employed Canadians.

  • Similar proportions of Aboriginals 36% and Canadian 39% entrepreneurs have paid employees.






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