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SN Business Owners Build Their Own Stunning Websites In 2 Days!

Squamish Nation business owners running companies in construction, jewellery, native apparel and wellness industries learned how to build their own websites in to further grow their small businesses. Every business needs a professional website and now they all have one!

Activ8's Squamish Nation 2-day Website Workshop

After a 2-day weekend course, they learned about domain registration to secure a web address, how to choose the style of images that will best showcase their products and services, what to write on each page for content that tells their site visitor what the company does and leads the visitor through a customer journey on how to buy.

Participants were fired up on creativity generating great ideas for their websites and they were excited to see their projects come together. In today's "instant" economy a brand's website is the first place a prospective customer will visit when considering making a purchase decision so it's important that the website delivers a professional impression and engages the website visitor. Our course participants did a fantastic job gaining new web skills and learned the various elements of what goes into the making of an eye-catching website.

We are looking forward to watching them succeed online and supporting their next steps in online marketing through a social media level 1 workshop.

Activ8's Squamish Nation Website Workshop

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