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An Inspiring BC Indigenous Awards Gala

The BC Indigenous Business Gala 2019 hosted by the BC Achievement Foundation on October 17th was an evening filled with high energy and lots of inspiration that began with the Squamish Nation canoe family performing at the opening ceremony. The Squamish Nation had two tables of member entrepreneurs and nation management attending to celebrate the achievements of one very determined member and young Indigenous entrepreneur, Paul Natrall of Mr. Bannock, in addition to Indigenous business success as a whole.

Paul Natrall, Mr. Bannock of the Squamish Nation

I've had the honour of teaching business courses at the Squamish Nation for seven years and we've witnessed many successes as a result of the training program. Paul Natrall was deeply committed to learning and growing, he attended the marketing, sales and social media workshops around the time that he was launching his food truck business and I knew right away that he had the makings of a true entrepreneur.

Paul's dedication to his craft and ability to capitalize on being the first and only Indigenous food truck in Vancouver made him a likely candidate to gain public recognition for all that he has achieved in building his business, creating employment, introducing Indigenous cuisine to the masses, and making a profound impact on his community.

It was a wonderful gala evening and there are more talented entrepreneurs at the Squamish Nation who are looking like great candidates for next year's BC indigenous Business Awards. Stay tuned for more exciting news and Indigenous success stories like this one!

All 2019 BC Indigenous Business Award Winners

Deborah Baker, Orene Askew, Lisa Peterson, Chrystal Nahanee and Loa Fridfinnson

Deborah Baker, Orene Askew (DJ O'Show), Lisa Peterson, Chrystal Nahanee and Loa Fridfinnson

Loa Fridfinnson, Paul Natrall and Lisa Peterson

Loa Fridfinnson, Paul Natrall and Lisa Peterson (Lisa won Young Entrepreneur Of The Year in 2017 for her business, Peterson Stone!)

Jody Antone

Jody Antone, Small Business Coordinator at the Squamish Nation

Loa Fridfinnson, Geena Jackson and Lisa Peterson

Loa Fridfinnson, Geena Jackson and Lisa Peterson

Always remember that.....

Please get in touch with me anytime at 604-687-2004 or to learn more about this fantastic program that supports and encourages Indigenous entrepreneurship and career advancement.

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